Weekly Program

Invitation To Present

Anyone having an interest in presenting a thought stimulating topic or artistic talent is invited to contact us. Presentations need to be consistent with the Presenter Guidelines available for download.

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Scheduled Presentations

Dates are yyyy-mm-dd
Sunday Presenter Topic
2018-06-24 Kassandra King, BA, NHA, RCFE Rementia: new choices for new agers
2018-07-01 Phil Rylett Who are you going to believe? Me or your own eyes? Attention today.
2018-07-08 Kenneth Hunt The dimensions of the universe and you
2018-07-15 Lila Wells The genius of Dave Eggers: two stories

Reminders from the Open Circle Steering Committee:

  • With the exception of Service Dogs, we ask attendees to leave family pets at home.
  • Open Circle is a "Styrofoam Cup Free Area." Attendees are to bring their own beverage cups or can purchase a reusable cup for 30 pesos.

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